Horizon Source Code

HORIZON is a parallel simulation engine for discrete-event based simulation models. It requires multi-core CPUs and takes a centralized master/worker threading approach. Simulation models must follow a certain approach to mark events in the simulation that can be processed in parallel. Horizon has been mainly developed together with Georg Kunz, formerly with RWTH Aachen University. The source code is hosted by RWTH.



WARP Simulation Framework

WARPSim is a code-transparent simulation environment for the OFDM reference design of WARP v1 and v2 boards. This makes in particular debugging much easier for wireless link layer protocols to be realized on the WARP boards. The framework has been mainly pushed by Christian Dombrowksi, Andreas Schumacher and Martin Serror from RWTH Aachen University. The corresponding source code is maintained by RWTH Aachen as well.



VANET Jamming Data Sets

In 2012/2013, we have performed extensive measurements of the impact of jamming on commercial 802.11p VANET transceivers. The measurements were mainly conducted by Oscar Puñal (formerly with RWTH Aachen University), Carlos Pereira (University of Porto) and Oliver Kotulski (formerly with RWTH Aachen University). The raw data of these measurements is provided in this CRAWDAD repository.